Create augmented reality experience for restaurants

Augmented Reality(AR) presents you with an opportunity to distinguish yourself from competitors by using a unique and rich customer experience.

The restaurant industry after the pandemic is already using contactless menus to avoid germs and viruses.

What if you can go one step further and display 3d images of real dishes using Augmented Reality. It will not only engage customers but also increases customer satisfaction, as there won’t be any surprises on the plate. They would see what and how much they are ordering.

What if you could overlay information such as ingredients, allergens, and nutrients using Augmented Reality. This way customers will be sure of what they are eating and how healthy it is for them.

How to Create AR?

  1. Upload 3d models of your dishes in AR Creato(
  2. Use 2D or 3D controls to resize, move or rotate them.
  3. Add buttons so the user can switch between dishes.

That’s it. Your created experience is already available in the app.

By this, you may have already understood that we are providing readymade apps associated with AR creato Editor.
But wait not only this you can get an app under your branding
And maybe AR creator also under your brandings with the possibility to offer subscriptions on it.
And maybe you can get the complete source code of both AR creator and apps. Full authority to customize, monetize, or even resell.

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CEO September 19, 2022 0 Comments