Augmented Reality in Ecommerce and Retail

Do you know you can allow customers to try products right in the place where they want to put them before buying? 

Sounds unreal?

But it’s not.

Using AR, the customer can even have a better than store experience. Going to the store lets them see the product in real life. But it won’t answer questions like: 

  • Will the product look good in its place? 
  • How much space it will occupy etc.

Create Augmented Reality experiences easily using AR Creato. 

  1. Simply add 3d models of your product. 
  2. Use 2D or 3D controls to adjust the scale, rotation, and position.
  3. Select options that you want to give to customers, can they rotate, move or scale this 3d Model?
  4. Name it and then hide it to make room for other models.
  5. Repeat the process to add more models.
  6. Add buttons so the user can switch between models.

That’s it. Your created AR experience is already available in the app.

By this, you may have already understood that we are providing readymade apps associated with AR creato.

But wait not only this you can get an app under your branding

And maybe AR creato also under your brandings with the possibility to offer subscriptions on it. 

And maybe you can get the complete source code of both AR creato and apps. Full authority to customize, monetize, or even resell.

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CEO September 19, 2022 0 Comments