Interactive Product Visualization App with Web Panel


Augmented Reality application that allows customers to view products in their space before buying. It has an associated web panel that let you upload 3d model of your product and other details such as url to buy etc.

What I will get?

  • Complete Source code of Project.
  • Easily installable web panel and controllable application.
  • Documentation, Tutorial Videos and Support

With interactive product visualization, products can easily be placed in physical space. It helps users in taking decision. As customers get an idea of how particular product will look in their environment. Whether it will adjust in surroundings or not. Augmented Reality helps in winning customers, by engaging users. Above all, it provides rich buying experience.

Interactive Product Visualization is an Augmented reality dynamic application that you can build for both Android and iOS. It is developed using Unity and ARFoundation. It has an associated web panel that enable you to upload 3d model of product and other details. There is no need to contact developer to make changes, every time you need to add product in your app. Furthermore, there is no need to update your app again and again in stores. Because Augmented Reality content will update instantly and automatically using web panel. Above all, it let you create your own AR easily.

ARFoundation is used to develop application and it includes

  • Multiple object placement in physical world.
  • Interact with product using gestures to move, rotate and scale it.
  • List to get an overview of all placed items within a scene.
  • Support both Horizontal and Vertical Surface detection.
  • Works in all ARCore and ARKit supported devices.

Interactive Product Visualization app has an associated Web Panel, which  is developed in php and it includes

  • Add Categories, Brands and Products.
  • Add URL to buy product.
  • Update or Edit your content.
  • Delete data.

Why you should buy from us?

  • We can on request customize according to your requirements.
  • Complete documentation, video tutorials are available plus you can contact us anytime.
  • 30 days money back guaranteed.
  • Affordable price and currently on sale too.


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  1. Unity 3d
  2. Web hosting and domain to host web panel
  3. App Store and Play Store developer account
  4. ARCore or ARKit Supported device

How to install?

Web Panel:

  1. Upload web panel to your hosting against particular domain, then go to to install web panel.
  2. Change Account Settings
  3. Create your own AR


  1. Import package in an empty unity project.
  2. Change hosting url in savelink.cs file
  3. Build for iOS and Android
  4. Upload on stores


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