Marker based AR
Augment virtual objects on prints such as books, magazines, paintings, business cards etc
Imagine scanning a book page consisting of text and images, and seeing it goes live. Words are speaking you can hear them, images become 3d objects, you can interact with them using your fingers. Move them, increase or decrease there size, rotate them just as you want to see them. Isn’t it much more interesting and appealing then reading traditional books?

There are many things that we can only show in form of pictures to our students like we cannot bring Zebra in class room, Human Brain outside lab etc. But with the use of Augmented Reality we can. Just scan the book page and see Zebra making sound, moving in front of you right on your book page. Similarly, Brain can show up on your book page whether you are in school, home or on beach enjoying holidays. This is important for learning to experience with reality and understand the existence of things.

Art Galleries/ Museums

Potential of AR in Art is limitless. We can not only see the art pieces but can see them actually telling their stories. We can interact with them and learn more about them.

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