How to install Location Based ar APP With admin panel

This tutorial will help you to install location based AR app that you have purchased from For unity application you have received a .unitypackage import that in an empty unity project and that’s all. For admin panel you have to follow a simple procedure with few steps.

Upload Files on Hosting:

Now you will upload all files and folders that are in the folder to the desired place in your hosting:

  • In the root directory of your website. (For example,
  • In the sub directory of your website. (For example,

Begin Installation:

After uploading files on hosting. Now, the second step is to begin Installation. Visit your domain ( or sub domain ( ) or where ever you have uploaded your files.

Create Database:

  • After installation the next step is to create database and it’s user with all privileges on your hosting. As, we need following information in next step:
    1. Name of Database.
    2. Username of Database.
    3. Password of User.
    4. Database host
    5. Now we have all this information. So we will click on let’s go button.

Fill in all the information, and click on connect database. So, all the installation is done successfully.

Now we will click on Enjoy button and after that we need to login in your web panel using:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Change Username and Password

Now for security reasons first of all we will go to Account Settings and change them. After that we will enter our values and click on the proceed data.

That’s all, Thank You

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