Augmented Reality in E-Commerce

E-Commerce industry up to the wider area is now driving through the augmented reality, as AR is among the emerging technologies. Emergence of AR in e-commerce has quickly taken over the experience of the customers by improving and enhancing their experience. After the introduction of AR in economics the customers’ participation and interest level has increased in e-commerce. In very short interval of time, e-commerce has shifted into a modernized retailing platform. Moreover, AR is totally a new method of shopping as it overcomes all the hurdles and explores online space. With the passage of time, it is continuously enhancing and expanding in new paths with the help of augmented reality.

Customers get engaged and take more notice of virtual products via online shopping. The customers also get interested to become part of promotions and events of virtual products. The motivating and appealing features of AR makes customers excited and enhances their curiosity about the product. User can make accurate decisions because AR with 3D visualization helps in making decision accuracy. A user without any query or doubt can purchase the items and products as AR is providing interactive experiences.


Augmented Reality provides an innovative corner to interact with customers in the world of e-commerce in many innovative ways. As, AR acts as a mentor to the shoppers and supports in shopping. Hence, with the informed purchase decisions augmented reality can allow businesses to offer their customers. In many AR solutions for businesses in e-commerce, virtual sales environment easily helps user during shopping. Users can try various products and easily find out which on product they will buy with the augmented reality. AR is more supportive for shopping due to virtual support as compared to online shopping.


AR offers customers to have personalized experience to touch the virtual products while shopping through augmented reality. Customers can view products right in place where they want to put them, and interact with them.

Web AR provide users option to view product in AR directly while viewing product in e-commerce website.

AR in Ecommerce Website

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Furthermore, AR with virtual dimensions and colors of the products is improving the experience of the shopping for the customers and as well as for the businesses. Customers while shopping online are very concerned about the designs and sizes of the items and products. Thus, integrating real objects into projected images is the ability of augmented reality. To help users with an integration of artificial intelligence augmented reality has created a virtual shopping window by focusing on the needs and priorities of e-commerce. For engaging customers on retailer platforms augmented reality is now adding more and more value to customers experience to stay and stick with the e-commerce.

E-Commerce website developers has an option to easily include augmented reality in their websites. For Demo Visit:

AR in Web


One another thing which customers wants is to check and try on the products and items while shopping. During online shopping it is not possible to check and try the items and products virtually. As, augmented reality has integrated real and virtual worlds it is now possible for the online shoppers to check and try on items and products which they want to buy. From the customers’ perspective, for on line shoppers it provides a richer and satisfactory experience. With the help of virtually trying on solutions, marketing connections has improved a lot between customers and purchases. Shoppers can now virtually try on clothes, shoes, jewelry, watches and furniture and many more.

Basically, shoppers also want while shopping to check the fitting of the clothes and any wearable product which they want to buy. Augmented reality has made it possible to measure the fitting of the users or shoppers which is the most revolutionary aspect in e-commerce.  Hence, body measuring application during on line shopping offers and helps the users to try on the products and buy those products which are accurately fulfilling their body sizes.


Furthermore, augmented reality also introduced user manual. AR user manual in an interactive way with a step-by- step virtual guide demonstrates the process of reading a manual of appliances. Customers without any problem go through the details of the products using smart devices with 3D experience.

AR app

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If you do not want your user to download app, but scan manual and get AR experience just in the web. Than visit:

Augmented Reality is useful in almost every field. To read about augmented reality in education visit.

Future of online shopping is very interactive due to augmented reality. As augmented reality has minimized the distances between real and virtual world. If you have a unique and different idea that is not listed here, you can still contact us. We will develop custom Augmented Reality App or Web AR for you. Thank You!

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Augmented reality in the field of education

Augmented Reality in education changes the way of teaching and learning. It helps students to learn and discover more, and teachers can easily convey their message in a more interactive way. In this article we will find out the augmented reality culture in very interesting way. It will be really helpful because it will provide new ideas about how to use augmented reality in education.

Augmented reality merges environment of real world with the elements that are digitally created. It provides users an experience of digital entrance in real- time. In the field of education, the introduction of augmented reality is giving interesting changes in the system of learning and teaching.


Augmented reality usage in the field of education helps in enhancing the learners’ understanding. It is so because the visual experience through augmented reality helps to engage student attention that helps him to learn more. AR teaching aids put a lot of help in teaching because teachers are now encouraged to use interactive illustrations.

It highly engages learners’ interest and improved collaboration among learners’ with their learning. And it makes learning process faster through practical learning. AR in education is universally applicable at any level of training and education in an efficient and safe workplace environment.

AR is used in the classroom for providing visual representation of the materials. Teacher can explain a subject by providing visual representation of different materials directly in the classroom. And it helps the learners’ to test out their understanding in practice. By, using AR, learners don’t need to sit and attend the lectures in the classroom they can learn outside the classroom.

Moreover, distance or online learning is easier or efficient with AR-aided educational materials. Virtual teacher that is based on augmented reality help users to practice their skills in any topic or subjects as if they were in real-life settings.


AR application make education more transformational and engaging for students. To encourage students to learn and discover more the educational content should be more interesting and compelling to them. It provide teachers a way to include augmented reality in their lectures, to let students put interest in things that may be very boring without it, for example, a science topic for a student interested in arts.

Augmented reality technology combines with the educational content to enhance the effectiveness and attractiveness of teaching and learning environment. There are some Augmented Reality applications now a days that let teachers to create AR. They just have to upload any image as target, and any associated content. That could be any interactive thing like video, 3d model, audio, website link, etc. Students just have to scan the target image and content will pop up on it. But may be you want to have your own app. Do not worry, there is an option for you that is we can develop AR app with web panel for you. Every thing will be yours with your own branding. For more details:


By taking advantage of AR we can create learning experiences that can engage students attention and let them learn by practicing.

It provide teachers a way to include augmented reality in their lectures. Let students access the things that may not be accessible in classroom e.g. human brain.

Enhanced learning using augmented reality changes the way of teaching and learning. It brings text, images to life with interactive digital content, such as videos and 3D models.

The traditional books and educational methods may not allow students to access and interact with the things that are not available in classroom such as animals. The things that we cannot see with our eye such as internal parts of human body etc. This is important for learning to experience with reality and understand the existence of things.


Students are provided by an application that allows them to explore more. Scan the text or images in their books using mobile to get more details about them in the form of 3d models or videos. Student can interact with 3d model using gestures. Convert your image into 3d model to move it, rotate it and view all sides of an object e.g., 3d view of human brain. They can access anything in classroom that can be hardly accessed without using this application.

This application allow teachers to create their own augmented reality base lectures. It provide an interface to teachers where they can upload targets (e.g. book pages). Upload 3d models or videos to display on that targets. For each target, metadata containing URL of video/3d model to associate with it is stored. This application help educators to directly involve students into the studying process. Lessons that are supported by technology lead to more innovative forms of teaching and learning.

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Web AR removes the need of downloading application from store. It is just the web link, no specific app is required, no specific browser, or no specific browser extension, nothing just the web. If you are teaching in a scenario where you do not want your students to download app but still want to give them access to AR content. You can use Web based Augmented Reality that presents three dimensional objects on any detected plane that are uploaded by teachers.

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Bridging the gap between the virtual and the real world, Augmented Reality (AR) can be a powerful tool for transforming learning. According to Shapley et al. (2011), lessons that are supported by technology lead to more innovative forms of teaching and learning. This is because the use of technology involves real-world problems, current informational resources and simulations of concepts.

Augmented Reality is useful in almost every field. To read about augmented reality in ecommerce visit.

If you have a unique and different idea that is not listed here, you can still contact us. We will develop custom Augmented Reality App or Web AR for you. Thank You!

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