How to install vuforia cloud recognition app with web panel

This tutorial will help you to install Vuforia Cloud Recognition app with web panel that you have purchased from It’s a simple procedure with few steps for installing vuforia cloud recognition.

Installing Web panel:

After purchasing you have received a zip file with web source code zipped and unity source code as unity package. Now we will start with the web panel installation.

Upload Files on Hosting:

Now we will upload all files and folders that are in the vuforiaAdminPanel folder to the desired place in your hosting:

Begin Installation:

After uploading files on hosting. Now, the second step is to begin Installation. Visit your domain ( or sub domain ( and wherever you have uploaded your files.

Create Database:

After installation the next step is to create a database and it’s user with all privileges on your hosting. As, we need following information in next step:

  • Name of Database.
  • Username of Database.
  • Password of User.
  • Database host

Now we have all this information. So we will click on the button let’s go.

Fill in all the information, and connect database. 

So, all the installation is done successfully. Now we have to change username , password and connect vuforia account.

Now we will click on Enjoy button and after that we need to login in your web panel using:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Change Username and Password

Now for security reasons first of all we will go to Account Settings to change them. We will enter our values and click on the proceed data.

Connect Vuforia Account with Web Panel

Now for connecting a vuforia account with a web panel you need to go to vuforia developer portal and create your account or login. Create a cloud database and open it. And go to database access keys and copy the Server Access Keys and paste them in Vuforia Cloud Server keys in your web panel and save them by clicking on Proceed data.

Install Application

Let’s move toward unity app, after downloading you have received another

vuforiaCloudRecoApp.unitypackage. This is the unity source code for the app.

Create New Unity Project

First of all create a new unity project, write project name and click on create button.

Enable Vuforia

Go to, and download vuforia package for unity. Then import it in empty unity project.

Import Package

Import vuforiaCloudRecoApp.unitypackage in this unity project.

Vuforia Setup:

Open Vuforia engine configuration and paste your license key

In main scene select cloud recognition from hierarchy and paste Client side keys there

Connect Host with App:

Inside the Unity project open the Scripts folder and then open SaveLink.cs file. Enter your link there.

Final Steps

Now you have an app installed in unity in order to build for iOS or android, go to Build Settings, Add Required Scenes and switch your platform to android or iOS for which you want to build the app now. Change your package name or build ID. Make other changes according to your choice and then build an App. That’s All.

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